Gully Repairs & Traps

Gully Repairs & Traps in Shrewsbury

Whatever The Type Of Surface Water Fitting At Your Home, We Can Repair It.

Yard Gully

Also known as a Bottle Gully, a Compact Gully or a Universal Gully. ‘Access Gully’, if they permit rods to be inserted into the drain. Most gullies of this type are trapped, often by means of a baffle plate that is removable in some models.

P-trap and hopper

This is a simple arrangement more commonly used with rainwater pick-ups (downspouts) than for draining large areas of paving.

Rest bend and hopper

This set-up is not trapped and is therefore only suitable for connection to a surface water system, not to a foul or combined system.

A direct connection

Again, this uses a rest bend with an adaptor coupling used to connect the downspout directly to the sub-surface system.

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